Thursday, 6 April 2017

Falling for him

All the single ladies please rise.
I can't anymore. Officially I'm off the dating market. Me and "Him" have been friends for a while and a crush grew. One day one of my friends texted him asking if he wanted to go on a date with me. I personally was expecting a no straight away but instead I got a maybe. Through out the night my friend continuously pestered him for an answer. It a whole day of maybe's and I don't knows to finally get an answer. It was lunch time and everyone was still trying to get this answer out. All my friend now knew as my friend went straight up to him at break and asked him again with everyone around! So everyone is trying to get an answer and I'm sat on a bench eating my lunch. Out of nowhere everybody swarms me shouting "He said yes! He said yes!" And I froze. Now that was a few days ago and we are dating. Everyone says he goes on about me in math and science and how much he loves me but I have never heard him say it. All I know is I date a boy and I love him.

Have a great day xxx

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