Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Keeping it real

As this is my very first blog post on here I decided to let you into my life. This is a way to let out my feeling and just to let my head breathe. Some of you might know me from my blog story My heart somewhere else. If not and you have never heard of me I'm Emily.

Today was I guess eventful. My awkwardness is still with me and I just cant seem to stop embarrassing myself . I wonder if I hid under my covers and hoped my mum wouldn't drag me out if I could just have the day to myself. Anyway on my blog I'm now going to be telling my audience things like my weekly favourites and my top tips for surviving day to day life (even though some of the tips might be completely idiotic). As well as anything I want to rid my mind of.

Weekly favourites

This week I have been loving Beyonce's  older songs back from 2010 like Halo and Irreplaceable. And I can't forget about ed sheeran's new album Divide.  My current must have perfume is the ted baker body mist in which doesn't have a name. All will be linked down below.  Another thing is new look's matte lipstick in the shade latte. This is my new obsession and is your all for a nude lip I would 100% recommend this but I couldn't find it on their website so I linked the closest one I could find.
Last but not least is zoella's blog. I love her blog so much and is what inspired me to make my own.

Hope you have a great day and don't forget to comment down below xxx

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