Friday, 10 March 2017

True friends

This is something that has been happening to me lately.
My "Best friends" have been calling me fat and ugly and ask why would anyone want to go out with an ugly hoe like me! They think that I take it as a joke but it really hurts. I'm already self-conscious about my weight and acne without them piling on the pressure. I feel alone and that I have nobody to talk to about this. I know that I should tell them the truth about the fact that it hurts me but I don't want to be alone. I have few friends and I try my hardest to stay close to them at all costs. I sometimes don't want to go to school just because I know they will do it all over again. My safe place is my room where I write my blog posts and watch my favourite youtubers. It's like I never want it to end. This magical place I get teleported to when I'm in my room is my safe place away from my friends and family. I want to be and actor and I am aware the chances of that ever happening is very slim but I believe if I try my hardest I might just have a chance. When I tell this to my friends they say things like "Oh your chances of being and actor are so slim you might as well give up now!" And "The only drama you'll ever get to do is in the classroom or the drama between people who hate you!" I genuinely believe that most of it is true now. Another thing that doesn't help is the fact most of my friends  are friends with the person who used to bully me and still does. He makes me feel weak and helpless like the world is against me. Please can you leave your advice. 

Have a great day xxx

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